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Jayaprakash Ramsaran (JP)

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As a recognized Thought Leader with 19+ years’ experience orchestrating best-in-class, integrated Global Transformation solutions for Fortune 500 companies, I have launched Transformation Service programs that led to multimillion-dollar increases in annual sales revenue and cost savings. 

I am a strategic Business Transformation Executive, catalyst for building top-performing IT teams and in leading strategic change across complex corporate enterprises for varied industries. I am a motivating leader who develops, mentors, and empowers people to excel. I build trusted relationships while leading talented and customer-centric teams that consistently exceed performance, productivity, efficiency and quality goals.

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Everything that I could achieve in my career is because of my external and internal customers. Of course, I did have to put in effort on my part. But without customers giving me the opportunities and challenges, I would not have achieved the significant milestones as I could in my career.

This blog is a tribute to all my customers. I plan to share all my experiences, challenges, lessons learned, joys and sorrows in this journey of Customer Transformations and the resulting self-transformations that I have gone through. The below blog post details my motivations for creating this blog.

Transform Customers

Are we ‘Superheroes’ because of our customers?

Are we ‘Superheroes’ because of our customers?