Mobile First or Mobile Only or Web blog?

Mobile First or Mobile Only or Web blog?

When I was planning to create a blog, I had to choose a blogging platform. WordPress was an easy choice given its powerful features and flexibility. Next step was to select a WordPress theme. WordPress universe has thousands of themes to choose from and each theme comes with varied features. When evaluating what the feature set I needed, one of the decision I had to make was whether I should target a Web blog or a Mobile First Blog or a Mobile Only blog?

We know that internet usage on mobile has surpassed internet usage on desktop. Few months ago, ComScore  reported that internet usage on Mobile apps itself exceeded internet usage on desktop.
Mobile Apps overtake desktop

Shipment of PCs have been declining steady worldwide. According to IDC, PC sales is expected to continue to decline by more than 6% in 2014.

2014 IDC PC Sales forecast

Armed with all this information, I was tempted to look for Mobile Only blog. Why will anyone use their laptop to view my blog? Most of them will be using their smartphones. Is it not? If not now, very soon they will! But as always, you need to remember Customer is King! You need to make it easy for users to use the blog as per their convenience – how they want it, where they want it and when they want it.

Though the shipment of PC is declining, it is not going to disappear any time soon. Users would most likely continue to use multiple devices to consume content. As per Deloitte, Smartpones will significantly overtake other devices in total market share. But users will continue to use PCs and tablet to consume the content.

Deloitte Predictions 2014

In addition, new types of wearable devices are likely to enter the market containing different form factors. Google is exploring with Google Glass.

Google Glass

Samsung and other companies are experimenting with wearable watches.

Samsung Watches

In future, users will have many more options to consume their content. Not that I am expecting people to read my blog using Glasses or Watches! But you cannot predict what options the future may present. Being flexible to adapt to future changes is a better option than locking yourself down to one device/form factor. Hence, I decided to go with Responsive Web Design based themes with a focus on Mobile First approach. Currently, most of these themes support three form factors: desktop, tablet and mobile phone. In future, they can easily expand to support other form factors, if and when the need arise. As per Google Analytics, so far, most of the users to my blog have used desktop/laptop to access my blog. I will continue to keep an eye on how the usage evolves.

  • What factors went in to your blog selection?
  • Did you select a Responsive Web Design based theme?
  • What is the share of various form factors accessing your blog?

[Images: ComScore, IDC, Deloitte, Google Glass, Samsung]

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